George Peterson Infrasound


Undergraduate Thesis in Cognitive Science at Vassar College
in 2006. Explores the physiological and psychological effects of infrasound on a human being. Download:

Sensory Environment Evaluation Project (SEE)

A research project at the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) attempting to create highly imersive VR envirnoments using scent, spatialized sound, infrasound and psychological priming. Two years of design experience here for both haptic and passive infrasound cues. Title: Infrasound Specialist
  • Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise implimentation
  • Sonic Texture design for Infrasound Haptics
  • Audio System Maintenance
  • Research and Experimental design
  • See: Virtual Reality Portfolio for other ICT projects.

Infrasonic Design Station

Concieved, built and used for low frequency design applications at ICT. (See above)
Recording Editing and Design Monitoring Output/performance

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