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Last Update: 9.6.06

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Artist Bio

Vital stats:

Origin: Western MA
Current locale: Los Angeles, CA
Status: Taken
Born: April 18th, 1984
Instruments played:Electric Violin
Basic Keyboards
Financial Status:Starving artist
Education: BA in Cognitive Science
Group Affiliations:NSO

Professional experience:
  • Recording engineer
  • Sound designer
    • (Specialized in Infrasound and Virtual Environments)

Projects and areas of study:
  • Lab assistant for the Electronic Music seminar @ Vassar (3 years)
  • Music composition for the film Anisometropia
  • Experimental Research into the effects of infrasound on human cognition.

Future goals:
  • Further Recording engineer experience
  • Theatrical sound design with an NYC Dirrector
  • Constructing an infrasonic generator for use at musical events on campus