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Last Update: 12.09.08

Newest Songs

  • Dj Beyonder - Drill man

    Drill man

  • Dj Beyonder - Forest Maze Remix

    Forest Maze
    (Mario RPG Remix)

  • Dj Beyonder - Batman Stage 5

    Batman Stage 5

  • New album - Save + Savour

    Save + Savour
    New album!
    (Free download)

  • Dj Beyonder - Bayou Billy

    Bayou Billy

Artist Info

Who is Djb?

George Peterson (Dj Beyonder) is an independent producer/remixer of electronic music working actively since 1999. With experience as a sound designer, an audio engineer, a scientist, and a musician his background brings a unique flavor to the music. He is best known for his remixing and twisting of classic video game themes. He also maintains regular exposure to, and performance of, music produced by others, thereby accurately retaining the title of 'Dj'. (Artist Bio)

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