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Video Game Remixes

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Video Game Remixes:

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Drill Man
- Another Megaman IV robot master remixed. (NES)
Forest Maze
- A remix of a theme from my beloved Super Mario RPG. (SNES)
Batman Stage 5 - Naoki Kodaka's theme for the 5th stage of the Sega Genesis version of Batman.
Bayou Billy - Remix of the Konami classic.

Castled To Death - Remix of the Super Mario Castle theme

Gerudo Valley - From LoZ: Ocarina of Time

Aquatic Ruin Zone - From Sonic 2

Game Gear GHZ - From Sonic 2 (Game Gear)

Kefka's Theme - From FF6

Toad Man Theme - From Megaman 4

Magnet Man Theme
From MegaMan III.

Pharaoh Man ThemeFrom Megaman IV.

Bright Man Theme - From Megaman 4

Wicked Child - Castlevania Theme

NES Batman Theme - 10/18/04
Level 1: Gotham City

King Koopa (Hardcore Noise Mix)
From Various Mario

Koda Kumi -
Real Emotion

From FFX2. Thanks to Mithrigil for recording vocals on this one. Her filk Parody version '
Real Fanservice
' is also online