Last Update: 9.6.06

Original Tracks by Dj Beyonder

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Original Songs:

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  • Miles To Go - 12/16/06
  • Potential - 11/17/06 First bit of Happy Hardcore in years.
  • Serration - 10/22/06 Guitars? what!?!
  • Joy Ride - 09/06/06 Guitars? what!?!
  • God Complex - 07/31/06 - "Let me tell you something... I am god"
  • Close Your Eyes - 03.15.06 A sweet smooth trance track finished on spring break.
  • Depravity - 02.17.06
    Some random fun I managed to have between classes this month.
  • Blacksalt - 01.12.06
    Interesting textures and a lead line I've been dying to use.
  • Tink - 12.27.05
    A smooth and melodic journey back into traditional electronica. I missed my TB303s
  • Spiced Sin - 12.02.05
  • Distant Fireworks - 10.02.05
  • Thinspread - 09.14.05
  • Emerald - 08.15.05
    Crystaline Trance with a strong Pulse
  • Global Malfunction - 07.11.05
    A really pretty piece of genre-defying electronica with Sweet and smooth theme.
  • Earport - 06.08.05
    This is a song that was composed between at least 4 different airports. Not sure why I always came back to it when waiting to fly, but maybe that's self evident
  • Numb Expansion - 05.24.05
    Unusually flavored techno. Some people say it has a middle eastern tint. While that wasn't the intention it is kind of there.
  • Takeover - 05.07.05
    This bit of Techno beat is quite an adventure of style. (Includes artistic sampling from 311)
  • Sinking In - 04.02.05
    "He was already dead... he died a year ago the moment he touched her. They're all dead... they just don't know it yet." - the Crow
  • The Better Life - 03.18.05
    I've been listening to too much Happy Hardcore lately. Sorry
  • Razor Truth - 03.04.05
    Heavy-Handed Gothtronica with Vocoded Lyrics. (An instrumental version is also online.)
  • Total Positronic Reversal - 02.15.05
    Fast paced techno/trance that really goes places. This piece has a weirdly timed lead part that might throw you around a bit.
  • Underbelly-Undone - 01.27.05
    Deep Harsh Groove that keeps digging.
  • Beamscatter - 01.07.05
    Grounded techno, that rather spirals up into the atmosphere. Not sample driven but it has some good ones.
  • Heedong - 12.31.04
    Another dark laid back track with ethnic-type percussion and lots of deep bass.
  • Gamegrid - 11.29.04
    Techno with some good bounce and thump. This reminds me of my older rebirth tracks from years ago.
  • So Shall We - 11.29.04
    Highly Percussive Gothtronica. Made the drum kit from a bunch of reverbed footseps over the summer, this song really shows it off.
  • Dark Power - 11.17.04
    Gothtronic electro-sounds. Powerful without being harsh.
  • Skylight - 10.02.04
    Very light, chill, ambient gothtronica. Perhaps a bit more uplifting than my usual.
  • Agony - 09.09.04
    Harsh Dark Electro. Lots of Power behind the beat here.
  • Chamber - 08.24.04
    Dark, smooth and spooky. Gothtronica with lots of subtle elements.
  • Klatu - 07.17.04
    A solid techno tribute. I usually avoid adding this much personality through sampling of external material. But this might make you smile.
  • Change for a Five - 07.10.04
    Electronica in a 5/4 time sig. It has an interesting pulse to it.
  • Sruti Box - 07.03.04
    A Heterophonic blend of sounds which lend to a very middle-eastern feel. Fairly low-profile electronica with thick beats.
  • UnSung - 06.19.04
    An anthem for the silent heroics. The techno is fairly heavy, but the beauty is in the details here.
  • Pressure West - 06.05.04
    THick and sweet sounds. It is neither Drum n Bass nor hardcore, but the tempo is definately up there. Mixed and optimized for headphone listening so use 'em if you got 'em.
  • Parting Gift - 05.30.04
    Slow Vocal Electronica with a synthpop feel to it. THis one was written and recorded jointly by Dj Beyonder and Goldfish. This is music laced with deep meaning.
  • Chronicle - 05.25.04
    Flowing electronica with a sweet bass groove. I've had this one in reserve for quite some time.
  • Cruel Sunrise - 05.10.04
    A smooth flowing track that might be a rather abstract cover of 'Cruelty' by the Cruxshadows. All but some of the basic musical elements are my own work, but I certainly took inspiration from that work as well. This track features Goldfish's talented voice as well.
  • Synchronism - 04.13.04
    122bpm, Deliberate power techno. Hang on tight, I made the time-signature my bitch on this one so it's a bit hard to keep ahold of at times.
  • ConeBlow - 03.30.04
    An Evil Anthem of sorts. Hits hard and keeps the pressure on. Filled with raw power.
  • Old Montreal - 03.04.04
    Experimental Electronica - A Song I originally wrote between presentations at the VSMM conference in october. Between the wacky VR and the setting of Montreal's Old City I must have been inspired.
  • On the Fritz - 02.26.04
    This one steps it up to 170 bpm. While I dont usually put hard techno sounds up this fast, I think it works rather well.
  • Melding - 02.18.04
    Trancendental Techno that binds many different elements into a single flow. Quite possibly my best so far.
  • Digital Elation - 02.11.04
    Perhaps a bit too powerful. Note that every melodic noise on this track comes from a single synth, although it sounds like a whole rack full.
  • Spirits in the Rain - 02.04.04
    A lighter bit of ambient electronica. Contains some really unusual sounds
  • Impenetrable - 01.29.04
    Another tweaky techno track with a chunky sound to it
  • Dirty Signal - 01.24.04
    Synth-heavy techno with some unusual sounds.
  • Gothtronica - 01.11.04
    Name about says it
  • Techno Silencio - 01.11.04
    High energy techno
  • Jabberwok - 01.11.03
    Dark electronica with vocals